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  For how long does my ad get displayed on the site?

For 2 weeks, after 2 weeks ads are deleted. You are free to post your ad again.

  Can I upload pictures with my ads?

No but you can use free image hosting services and post the link to your pictures with your ad description.

Here's a list of free image hosting services: (note that these were not fully checked, so some of them may not work as expected)


  Can I post a link to my website in the ad description area?

Yes, feel free to post the URL to your site

  Are commercial ads allowed?

Yes, if you run a business related to foreigners living in Japan you can advertise your business here free of charge

  Do you offer a paid service for sticky ads?

For now we don't provide this service.

  What's the criteria used for featured ads on the homepage?

Featured ads are chosen by the website editor